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Find Your Inner Peace with Lighthouse Healers

Rediscover peace and resilience as we walk this journey of healing together.

Our Philosophy

At LightHouse Healers, we believe that everyone deserves to live a life filled with love and happiness. We strive to create a community that supports and heals individuals struggling with PTSD, offering peace and tranquility for a beautiful life.


Our healers are dedicated to providing you with the support and guidance you need to overcome any obstacles that may be holding you back.


9 Week Self-Healing Program

Experienced & Compassionate Healers

Community That Understands

Available Online

Transform Your Life, Just Like They Did.

People in our community all have one thing in common: witnessing significant improvement in their conditions - regardless of how severe their symptoms.

I am eternally grateful for the influence and advice given to me by Antoinette. She is a constant source of inspiration and medication. I am blessed and so grateful for her knowledge and friendship.


From Pain to Peace: Your Journey to Overcoming PTSD

Embark on a transformative 9-week journey designed to facilitate healing from PTSD, guided by our experienced healers and supported by our close-knit community.

Allow us to join you on your path to inner peace.

Start With Your 3 Week Self-Healing Course

Take your first steps towards a symptom-free life.

Join Our Supportive Community

Continue your journey with our group healing sessions and be directly involved in the stories of success and accomplishment.

Let Us Be Your Compass on Your Journey of Self-Healing and Transformation

Receive support and guidance from our experienced healers, who are wholeheartedly dedicated to accompanying you on your healing journey, nurturing your transformation, and guiding you with compassion toward inner peace.

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Jikiden Reiki Practitioner

With James' guidance, individuals journey through the darkest corners of their souls, learning to plant their feet firmly and trust in the innate power of their heart.





Vedran's purpose is to facilitate healing and foster growth for those grappling with PTSD and beyond, offering a beacon of hope and transformation on their journey to wholeness.



Ancient Healer & Spirit Coach

Annakee's passion is to activate joy, creativity and the vision of life in order to live happily, self-confidently and meaningfully, and thus effectively dissolve the causes of suffering!

Begin Your Healing Journey With A Consultation

Secure your free initial consultation with Saro to gain valuable insights into PTSD healing

Complementary Consultation

Duration: 20 minutes

Together, you and Saro will create a roadmap to overcome PTSD. This complimentary 20-minute consultation will help you deepen your self-awareness and understanding.

What Our Transformative Program Can Do For You

Enhanced Health and Well-being

Experience an improved quality of life without the undesirable side effects of pharmaceuticals. Allow your body to regain its vitality.

Thriving Relationships

Cultivate fulfilling connections with family, friends, partners, and most importantly, with yourself. Obtain the relationships you truly deserve.

Financial and Time Savings

Save thousands of dollars and years of precious time by avoiding ineffective therapies that span years or medications that merely suppress your symptoms.

Sustainable Results

Forge a foundation for enduring well-being by acquiring and mastering healing skills that empower you to thrive, not just for the moment, but for a lifetime.

"In your grasp, you possess the key to lock yourself in, or unlock your path to healing."

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